Bengali phuchka in Green Park

What makes us fall in love with street food? Obviously, not just the price but also the taste, and especially when it comes clean. Delhi has many street food belts, one such belt is the Green Park Metro Station corner on the Uphaar Cinema Hall side. The food carts stretch from the metro gates to the pharmaceutical shops.


One of the many vendors in that stretch is Mohan, who has been selling phuchkas for just more than six months now. Mind you he does not sells gol gappe, but phuchkas. Filled with all the right spices that define the phuchkas of West Bengal.

Delhi-based gol gappe sellers, have gol gappas made of suji/semolina and wheat/atta, but the Bengal-origin Phuchka walas sell only wheat made phuchkas. I approached Mohan not knowing that he sells the Bengali phuchkas.

At a time, when most gol gappe sellers in Delhi serve just six pieces for Rs 20, Mohan sells five pieces for Rs 10 out of which one is a dried one, minus the mint water. Mohan wears a plastic glove to maintain hygiene, and the stuffing that goes inside his phuchkas contain smashed potato, with the choicest of spices and coriander, unlike the Delhi gol gapes that contain chopped pieces of potatoes with chickpeas and a sweet chutney. The mint water that fills the gol gappe/phuchkas is same.

Mohan, does not compromise an inch on taste, and the best part about his serving is that he serves a dried phuchka at the end.

So next time, you are in Green Park Metro Station and are in the mood of Bengali phuchkas, you know where to go.





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