Eid ki kachoris

By A Sarwar Borah (Delhi Explorer)  If samosa is the king of Indian snack then kachori is the queen. Stuffed with dal or onion, kachori is had with different accompaniments. We, all know of the different khasta kachori walas that roam the streets of Delhi. Crispy kachoris served with a mild tangy aloo sabzi. Now, … Continue reading

Alvida Ramzan

By A Sarwar Borah (Delhi Explorer) We bid adieu to Ramzan today, and with full gaiety, we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr tomorrow. And with the end of this holy month, this practice of helping the travelling rojdars (Muslims, who are fasting) open their fast will come to an end. At many places, prevails this custom, where volunteers … Continue reading