The story of Yo Yo Anda King

The good thing about the street food scene in Noida and Gurgaon is that the street food carts generally don’t stand alone, they are always seen in clusters in specific sectors. For example in Noida, there are many street food vendors in Sector 135, 18 and 16, among others. Every street vendor in Delhi NCR has a story of its own. One such story is of Sonu, the owner of Yo Yo Anda King cart at Sector 16. To be precise it is at the right corner of the crossroad next to B&B Genesis, A12/13 in Sector 16.

Sonu is one of the many omelette and egg boil sellers of the National Capital, but what sets his cart apart is the name, dedicated to rapper and composer Yo Yo Honey Singh. The iconic artists’ photo is also part of his cart’s banner, making Yo Yo Honey Singh, the defacto brand ambassador of Sonu’s cart.

His two egg omelette, with two pieces of bread made in butter for Rs 35 is as exciting as Honey Singh’s music. So how did Sonu decide the name? No prizes for guessing, Sonu is a big fan of Honey Singh. Sonu says, “Much before, I started this cart, I had thought of the name.”

Hope one day, his superstar will get to know about his cart.


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