Time to park your palate at The Bikers Cafe

On an early Friday evening, if there is a waiting for a table in a cafe which is themed on automobile, located in a semi- residential and commercial area beside the Golf Course road in Gurgaon, you know that there is seriously something good about the place. The place in context is The Bikers Cafe. Reportedly, the cafe started its journey around two and half years ago in Kolkata, more riders joined in, and around a year ago, it also opened up in Vasant Kunj. And, now the journey of The Bikers Café seems to be turning into a rally as they have opened another outlet in Delhi NCR, this one as I mentioned it earlier is at Gurgaon.


Now, super biking is a Western culture, men and women, who get a thrust when they hear the sound of their mean machine. There are several biking philosophies, and many address them as biker rules. One of the rules is riding in groups to distant places, and talking with the wind. On the walls of The Bikers Café, it is aptly written, “Only a biker knows why a dog puts its head out of the window, while inside a moving car.” The café truly epitomizes the motor biking culture of the world. A grand Harley Davidson welcomes at the entrance, and the walls adorn art and accessories from the biking world.


Now, comes the important thing, for which the café is there at the first place — the food. Being a biker themed café, the food centres around the American diner culture that revolves around all-day American breakfast, comprising dishes of eggs and sausages. It also incorporates the desi highway culinary culture such as the scrumptious paranthas and the quintessential Indian tandoori-based dishes and gravies. There is a little bit of Oriental, too.


Many, critique food, depending on the taste of what they order, and their overall experience at the pub, restaurant or café. I am of the opinion that a guest to make his or her experience more pleasurable should try the restaurant’s specialty cuisine. I firmly believe that you should never try dal makhni in a coastal restaurant, and on top of it later critique it.

My meal at The Bikers Café comprised the Spanish haven combo (Spanish omlette,  grilled sausages and hash brown), signature samui benedict (it claims to be the only place that serves veg benedict), drunkard chicken, the eggs n sausage sizzler, and last but not the least bikers chicken fusion discovery (two grilled chicken breasts with dual sauce of peri peri and pesto, served with Mexican rice and fried egg crown).


I am a voracious meat and egg lover, so all the dishes struck chord with my palate. The finishing touch was given by sizzling brownie, with chocolate sauce and ice cream. The steward while giving the plate, said, “too hot to handle.” Later, I found that the dish is actually called by that name.



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