Cafe Dalal Street hits the bulls eye

Food and beverage’s pricing go hand in hand. Attractive pricing is the mainstay for many pubs/restaurants/eateries. The question is how do you define attractive pricing? Does it signify just cheap food and drinks or when a high-end stuff is available at a reasonable price? I prefer to go by the later.


The tricky question is how do you determine the price as a restauranteur? Do you only keep the Indian manufactured liquor (IMFL) cheap or work out an attractive pricing for the foreign liquor brands as well? The end-user is more interested in the later. Now, one of the pubs in Delhi NCR that has worked out an attractive pricing for all its liquor brands is Café Dalal Street in Connaught Place. The manager, Vikas Chaudhary says, “When the pub opens, the prices are at rock bottom, as the day progresses the prices vary, governed by the laws of demand and supply.”


Now, the pertinent question is when you know as a guest that the price of a particular drink will go up over the day then why would somebody like to visit the pub in the evening, when the prices would be mostly on the higher side? To this Vikas explains that the base price of all its drinks is way cheaper than the other pubs, so by the time the price goes up, it is still competitive at the end of the day. True to its name CDS has screens all over the pub where one can see the prices of drinks going up and down and then invest/order accordingly. The demand and supply pricing policy also means that on certain days foreign liquor brands are also available at a reasonable price. 


This also means that the initial hours when the pub opens it works like ‘Happy Hours’. The publicist of Café Dalal Street says, “Café Dalal Street (CDS) is a new trading bull in town in the restaurant business.” It is the brainchild of two youngsters from the financial sector, Himanshu Gupta and Vidit Gupta.

Vidit says, “I felt a dearth of good drinking and a partying place in Delhi, which has an innovative concept. Café Dalal Street is one such place, which offers people good ambience combined with excellent food and beverage plus an exciting theme to play with.” Co-owner Himanshu Gupta adds, “We bring to town an unbeatable mix of food drinks, music, board games and an exciting concept of drinking and trading.”


The mainstay of Café Dalal Street is pricing and liquor, so the attention seems to waver from food. The food is classic and good. There is a page dedicated to specialties. The dishes that stand out are Butter Chicken Gol Gappe, Mutton Galouti and Dahi Ke Kebab. The name Butter Chicken Gol Gappe is an eye turner; it’s basically the butter-induced gravy and shredded chicken that fills the gol gappe. I believe that no food is bad food in a fine-dine restaurant because a lot of thought goes into its making. It is a matter of personal choice what suits ones palate. Some of the other dishes in the chef’s special section are Palak Patta Chaat, Tawa Paneer Gol Gappe, Mushroom and Betroot Galouti, Jalapeno Cheese Poppers, Phuket Paneer, Paneer Akuri in Kulcha Panini, Amritsari Choor-Choor Naan, Tandoori Chicken in Kulcha Panini, Burnt Chilli Crispy Chicken and Phuket Fish, among others.

Among the classics, the Reshmi Kebab and Momos appeased my palate the most. The soft egg-wrap on the kebab makes it melt in the mouth, and the slight hint of lemon grass in the momos with the desi twist of malai makes it mouth-watering.

Address:   M- 1st Floor 89/90, Connaught Circus, Block M, Barakhamba

For bookings call: : 011 4756 3537



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