Polish celluloid treat for Delhittes

If you are a movie buff, and if you come across a proposition that says, ‘Martin Scorsese presents Masterpieces of Polish Cinema’ than it’s hard to resist. The Polish Institute New Delhi is organising the fourth edition of its annual KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival Habitat Centre in New Delhi from November 17 to 30.


This year, the festival pays homage to the legend of Polish cinema, Andrzej Wajda, who passed away in October 2016.  New digitally-restored versions of some of his most iconic works, ‘Man of Iron’ and the epic ‘Promised Land’, along with other digitally-restored classics from the likes of Krzysztof Zanussi, Jerzy Kawalerowicz, are being screened at the festival as part of the  ‘Martin Scorsese presents Masterpieces of Polish Cinema’ project. The aforementioned films have been single-handedly chosen by Scorsese himself.

Last Family 1.jpg

The last two days of the festival will see recent masterpieces such as The Last Family and Brothers.


Entry to all the screenings is free and open to everyone. Venue is Gulmohar at India Habitat Centre

22nd – 7:00pm | Żyć nie umierać (Life Must Go On) (Poland/2015/100mins) Bartek is a fifty-year‐old one-time actor and former alcoholic, who now entertains audiences in TV shows -­‐ always in the shadow of his famous colleagues. He has already come to terms with life. What happens when he gets to know that he has has only three months left to live.

 23rd – 7:00pm | Pociąg (Night Train) (Poland/1959/99mins) From dusk to dawn, a crowded sleeping car travels from Warsaw to the Baltic coast.  Besides their luggage, the passengers are carrying various life experiences that affect how they relate not just to each other but also to the fact that a murderer may be among them.

24th – 7:00pm | Człowiek z żelaza (Man of Iron) (Poland/1981/154mins) Journalist Winkel is sent to Gdańsk to research for a documentary about one of the labour leaders, Maciej Tomczyk. When he cannot access the closed-down shipyard, he meets Tomczyk’s family and friends.  Their stories reveal a family history intertwined with people’s movements spanning two generations. Instead of helping to discredit Tomczyk, he supports the striking workers who end up signing an agreement with the government.

28th – 7:00pm | Faraon (Pharaoh) (Poland/1966/153mins) The new pharaoh Ramesses XIII plans to reform the state and consolidate its power at the expense of priests such as the powerful Herhor, who gained enormous influence during the previous ruler’s reign.  But his youth, ever-idealistic and impatient, is doomed to fail when confronted with the sceptical wisdom of his opponent, who possesses besides material wealth, the weapon of knowledge.

29th – 7:00pm | Bracia (Brothers) (Poland/2015/70mins) After 80 years of exile, two brothers come back to Poland from Kazakhstan to rebuild their lives. One of them is a painter and a dreamer, the other one – a pragmatic engineer. They face many obstacles while adapting to the new environs and people. Will they survive the unexpected challenges in store?

30th – 7:00pm | Ostatnia Rodzina (The Last Family) (Poland/2016/123mins) As painter Beksiński tapes everything with his beloved camcorder, a 28-year family saga unfolds through disturbing dystopian paintings, near-death experiences, dance music trends and funerals.


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